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    4L high frequency circuit board

    1.Production descibe

    4L high frequency circuit board
    Application: power amplifier.
    Special process: mix pressing
    Surface treatment: immersion gold.
    Material: ROGERS 4350 + FR4.
    Outer line width/line distance: 7/7mil.
    Inner line width/line distance: 5/5mil.
    Thickness: 2.3 mm
    Minimum aperture: 0.6mm.

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    2.Company information
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    4.Some knowledge about high frequency circuit board
    A high-frequency PCB can meet your needs when incorporating a special signal requirement into your electronic components and products. It offers a frequency range of 500MHz – 2GHz, making it ideally suited for high-speed designs, as well as radio frequency (RF), microwave and mobile applications. These higher transmission frequencies can also provide the faster signal flow rates that are a necessity in today’s increasingly complex electronic switches and other components.

    Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of printed circuit board – any changes in the value of these materials can affect the impedance of the board. Many PCB designers turn to Rogers dielectric material for its lower dielectric loss, reduced signal loss, lower cost of circuit fabrication and better suitability for fast-turnaround prototyping applications.

    Apart from choosing the appropriate PCB material and determining the correct the value of the designers should take parameter such as conductor width and spacing, substrate constant into consideration. These parameters must be exactly specified and implemented with the highest level of process control.China PCB suppliers